What People Say

“I never really understood the entire concept of a coach, that is until Cindy Wagner became my coach. Through her exceptionally skill of getting a person to realize the balance of their life, I was able to understand where my life was unbalanced. This guided me into the direction I needed to go to become my own change maker. I have such a clearer vision of my destiny now. I came to Cindy with several complex issues. Her coaching allowed me to see what held me back & how to move forward. I still have a ways to go, but now, I know where I'm going & how to get there. I recommend her services to everyone that does not understand why their feet seem so plated & are willing to accept responsibility & turn their dreams into reality. Its a wonderful feeling to know that you have someone so committed to help with your issues & concerned with just you & your movements for fulfillment & balance.”  Robin

“Cindy has an ability that one must simply experience to fully understand. She has helped me to achieve some high end personal and career goals. She guided me through an inspiring process that has allowed me to experience life more fully. I now know who I am, who I am not and have a much clearer picture of the path that I need to follow to become the woman I am ever aspiring to be. I feel that with the gift of self awareness that she has given to me, I will be able to affect positve change within my family and community on a leadership level that I never thought that I could.”  Sheila S 

“Cindy helped me face, deal with and step over a breif snag in my career life. She was so helpful to me that our relationship really turned into a friendship. When working with her she will truly take you to such a personable level that you won't even realize you're being coached. It's just two friends having a chat while drinking a cup of coffee!!!” John

"Cindy will coach you to live life to the fullest. She is an expert with tough career and small business issues, her coaching methods will help you get unstuck. She is smart, sensitive and fun."  Beth 

“In working with Cindy Wagner I experienced her insightful leadership and vision. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to get a mission accomplished!” Sylvia